Poison Arrow


About Us

Poison Arrow and ​Robertson's Uniforms are the brand labels for AARONEE Ventures, LLC (AV) stores.

We take care of our customers like a good ole' fashioned neighborhood store.  Whether it is picking out a great pair of work boots, tailoring a uniform to fit you just right, helping you find the best looking and most comfortable scrubs, or select a proper work shirt, jacket, or a pair of pants to withstand a test of your work trade - we have everything to get you suited up and ready to tackle the day looking your best.  

Our Product Quality Guarantee

We pride ourselves in being particular about  the products we carry in our stores. We know you work hard for your dollars and your clothes and gear work hard for you. Therefore, we will warranty anything you buy from us against the manufacturer's defects for 6 months. Now that's peace of mind! 

Our Story

At Poison Arrow, we value honor, integrity, loyalty, and love for our country. We are proud patriots who have spent a lifetime either serving on the front lines in battle or building this great nation with our bare hands.    The company was founded by Aaron Robertson and his wife Ronee in 2014 with a vision of providing quality work wear with a patriotic atmosphere, excellent customer service and great quality products -- the type you can feel confident spending your hard-earned money on, which is why we openly back our products with a 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects. Our goal is to earn business by providing the type of customer experience most places have separated from in recent years. It's called "appreciation" and we have it in abundance for our customers.     

Poison Arrow 2 was Aaron's call sign while serving as an Intelligence Officer during 1st Marine Expeditionary Force's march to Baghdad in 2003.  Aaron served 29 years in the Marine Corps, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. He also served as a federal law enforcement officer and as Chief Deputy Director of California State Parks.  Both Aaron and his wife Ronee served in administrative roles with the Rocklin Police Department. Aaron serves as a Chief Financial Officer and Ronee as Chief Executive Officer at Poison Arrow and Robertson's Uniform stores.

Our staff have become experts in product knowledge and will always help you find a good fit without pressure or gimmicks.

Poison Arrow Uniforms specializes in supplying and custom tailoring of uniforms and gear for first responders, as well as medical scrubs, tactical apparel, and workwear.